TakeLessons Community Shout Outs – Week of 3/3/14

Every week, TakeLessons students and teachers send us their shout outs. We love to share how our teachers and students congratulate each other on their achievements and we’re so thankful to be a part of such a positive and thriving community. Check out all our shout outs for this week:

Stacey S. in Covington, KY wrote, “My student Abi M. will be playing Maria in her high school’s production of The Sound of Music! My student Eli is out in LA recording his second album with Walk the Moon. And my beginning piano student Presley is confidently reading music!” Keep up the good work Abi, Eli, and Presley!

Kelvin L. in Bolingbrook, IL wrote, “My six year old online student Harley M. performed at Winterfest Talent Show 2014 in King Salmon, Alaska!! Congratulations to Harley and her parents! We are so proud of you!!” Bravo, Harley!

Bryan E. in Oakley, CA wrote, “I wanted to congratulate Tolu on having a breakthrough lesson getting through her vocal bridges on the E vowel! After four lessons of working hard she was able to blend breath and vowel modification for beautiful resonance throughout her range! Well done Tolu. Sadly she has come to the end of our lesson time together, but she has made significant progress in just the short two and a half months of working together. Great job, and best of luck Tolu! I wanted to say congrats to Brianna for her successful memorization of the her music notes flash cards! I made the deal that if she could answer all the cards correctly I would treat her to ice cream…looks like ice cream is in the future! I also wanted to congratulate Jonathan, he was made the same deal, and today passed all the treble cleff notecards, half way there bud! Keep up the hard work, both of you, and I am proud of you both!” Congratulations, and enjoy your rewards!

Melodie B. in Fort Worth, TX wrote, “I would like to give shout outs to my students Tracy, Destiny, Casey and Ragini for outstanding performances in our first recital. Outstanding job!” Great job to all your students, and thanks for hosting a recital, Melodie!

Barbee M. in Miami, FL wrote, “Congratulations to piano student Ethan who just finished his first lesson book and was promoted to the next level; piano student Jack who will be promoted this week; and voice students Julia and Alyssa who both had fantastic auditions for performing arts high schools recently.” Awesome progress everybody!

Molly R. in Hayward, CA wrote, “I’d like to congratulate my voice student Sam for getting a lead role in her school musical!” Go Sam!!

Gordon W. in Urbana, IL wrote, “I wish all of my students could see themselves through my eyes! I am so incredibly lucky to be working with each one of them!”

Kris F. in Santa Clarita, CA wrote, “I am so excited and proud to announce that my voice student Jack has been accepted as a voice major at Indiana University in Bloomington! My friend Tim Noble, Distinguished Professor of Voice, will take him as his student!” Well done, Jack! Enjoy your time at the university!

Cosima Y. in Moreno Valley, CA wrote, “I would like to congratulate my students, Myra, Miguel and Kris for their recent performance accomplishments, and to Gaby for nailing her college choir audition. You are all super students with great potential! Sing On!”

Lisa N. in Beaverton, OR wrote, “My student Katelyn P. has learned how to play guitar and sing at the same time. She is doing an amazing job. Yay!” Good job Katelyn!

Mayumi G. in Hyattsville, MD wrote, “I just wanted to give recognition to my student, Shawday G. She just got the job at Six flags as singer, dancer and costume character. PLUS she also got into AMDA in NY. I’m very proud of you. You earned it!” Wow, Shawday! Looks like lots of hard work is  paying off for you!

George S. in Fort Lauderdale, FL wrote, “I would like to report that my latest students Elizabeth(saxophone) and Maria(trumpet) just ended their 2 month lesson period with great success here in sunny South Florida! Both were wonderfully talented and now return to their regular band program in Canada where I know they will keep progressing!! Good luck, girls and bon voyage!!”

Share your good news with the TakeLessons community by sending an email with your shout out to GoodNews@TakeLessons.com. Don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram to keep the conversation going!



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