TakeLessons Community Shout Outs – Week of 12/15/14

Each week, TakeLessons students and teachers send us their shout outs. We’re thankful to be a part of this positive and thriving community, so we’d like to share these messages with you. Here are the shout outs we received this week:

Chelsea C. in Savannah, GA wrote, “In just 6 weeks my weight loss student, Andy, has lost 25 pounds! His work ethic and perseverance is inspirational and it makes it easy to encourage and advise on his next steps. So proud of him and his hard work!” Way to go, Andy!

James W. in Jacksonville, FL wrote, “My student Larry Favroth landed a part in a new film.” Congratulations Larry!

Beverly M. in El Reno, OK wrote, “I am so proud of all of my students, but several are excelling in the field of music. I thought I would share a couple of bios… More to come later!

Junior piano student, Ashley, just completed recording 14 original songs for her debut album. She’ll be recording her first video in January. I’m so excited for her!! She serves on the Junior Student Council; participates in volleyball, basketball and track; is on the Principal’s and Superintendent’s Honor Roll; is scuba certified and a student pilot; and last but not least, a guitarist and pianist. Check out some of her songs!

Senior piano student Emily is the drum major at her high school, an honor student, and excels at playing flute and trombone. Her favorite genre is jazz, and we’ve enjoyed learning pieces such as “In The Mood,” and “Chattanooga Choo Choo.” I’m going to miss her terribly when she leaves for college next year!  She is first chair trombone in the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra, Oklahoma Youth Winds, Oklahoma Youth Jazz Ensemble, and Yukon High School Wind Ensemble. She has been the Drum Major for the Pride of Yukon for two years. She is a three-time All Stater and has made the Central Oklahoma Director’s Honor Band for six years in a row. Upon graduation from high school next year, Emily plans to continue her music education and study to become a music educator herself.” Amazing accomplishments, Ashley and Emily! Keep up the good work!

Rebecca F. in Bellevue, NE wrote, “I have 2 students who are brothers, and another 2 students that are grandfather and grandson. For Christmas, they have been doing duets with each other. This requires coordination and good listening skills, and both duets have managed to learn how to work with each other. They learned to listen and play together, and are having lots of fun.” Duets are loads of fun! Keep listening to each other and playing together!

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