TakeLessons Community Shout Outs – Week of 11/3/14

Each week, TakeLessons students and teachers send us their shout outs. We’re thankful to be a part of this positive and thriving community, so we’d like to share these messages with you. Here is the shout out we received this week:

Mary R. in Milwaukee, WI, wrote, “My student, Luca M. has been struggling to focus while practicing for a few months. He plays his instrument, just not the material I assign. This week he came to his lesson fully prepared. He was in good spirits as he knew he was ready. We got through 4 pages in his books AND he remembered to bring the materials he kept forgetting. He’s a very smart guy and I’m so pleased he found a way to apply himself :)” Way to go Luca! Keep up the good work!

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