TakeLessons Community Shout Outs – Week of 1/19/15

Each week, TakeLessons students and teachers send us their shout outs. We’re thankful to be a part of this positive and thriving community, so we’d like to share these messages with you. Here are the shout outs we received this week:

Michael E. in Dallas, TX wrote, “I have the privilege of teaching a young man named Aidan. Here he is playing part of “Day Tripper” by the Beatles:

He just turned nine years old and has been taking lessons for only eight months, having never touched a guitar before that. I can’t claim the credit here. He has done the work and it shows what a student can do if they really want to do it. It’s a pleasure teaching him.” Great work Aidan! We can’t wait to hear more great music from you!

James W. in Jacksonville, FL wrote in to let us know his student Carla recorded her first vocal demo this weekend. James wrote, ” The recording session for my student Carla went great.  She did a good job on vocals on “You” by Shakira.  She liked my new slightly faster tempo for the song and acoustic guitar track I made for her. I used Keri’s ibanez .I will add  a guitar fingerpicking track with my Ovation sometime this week and Keri will add some lovely vocal harmonies.  So far so good. Smile She’s happy. I’ll mix and master it within two weeks or thereabouts.” Congratulations Carla on the recording! Keep up the good work!

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