10 Videos that Prove Getting Old is Awesome

Why be afraid of getting older? Even though our culture idolizes youth, sometimes it seems like older people are having all the fun. Don’t believe me? You have to see these 10 incredible videos of older people winning at life!

10. How is this woman 86 and doing headstands and back flips like it’s no big deal? I can barely touch my toes on a good day!

9. Getting older just means more time to work on skateboarding tricks, right dude?

8. I will never be as cool as this drumming grandma, but I will definitely spend the rest of my life trying (and taking lots and lots of lessons).

7. If you spend your years spreading kindness and warmth, you too can be as beloved as this wonderful lady:

6. He may be 90, but that doesn’t stop Dr. William Bell from setting world records in pole vaulting!

5. And at 96, Fred wrote his first song, “Oh Sweet Lorraine”. Spoiler alert: his story will make you cry.

4. This 97-year-old man skydives with absolutely no fear.

3. Fact: Grandmas are the greatest dancers of all time!

2. Further proof:

1. The best thing about getting old? It’s finally socially acceptable to freak out at Taco Bell!

I can’t wait to get older!

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