5 thoughts on “10 Most Common German Grammar Mistakes

  1. Hi,
    just read your article about the most common mistakes an English speaking person makes, when writing/speaking German. It is a very well written article and 5 very good points. Being Danish, I can only join in and say, it is not only English people that make those mistakes. Think most people that do not have these kind of grammatical rules will struggle with these points or some of them. Finnish people for instance, they do not have genders, so even English is a hard language for them, as they do not use he or she properly.

    And thank you for the link 🙂


    1. Glad you enjoyed the article, Sembach! We agree, grammar can be tough to master in any language!

  2. Great post. Thanks for clarifying some troubling areas. I had a point of confusion though. Under the third point of wrong verb endings the example translation given for “Du hast das” was “You love me”. I enjoy reading your information.

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