If you want to help your child or teen master Spanish, you have to find ways to help him or her practice in between Spanish lessons.

Whether your child takes lessons in person or online, he or she needs to practice outside of lessons to reinforce these skills. As a parent, you can help your child stay motivated and engaged.

From games to listening comprehension and cultural activities, here are 23 fantastic ways to help your son or daughter practice Spanish.

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Fun Spanish Activities

Spanish practice doesn’t have to be dull, in fact, your child will be much more motivated to study, if he or she is having fun! These fun Spanish activities are entertaining and engaging for both adults and kids. They’re great for a couple of people, or you can try them with a group. You can even try one of these fun Spanish activities at your next family game night!

Word Snake

spanish activities

Word Snake is a fun activity to play with a partner or in a group. The first player writes down a Spanish word. The next player must think of a Spanish word that begins with the last letter of the first word.

Continue in this fashion to form a snake of words across the page. If your child already knows a lot of Spanish vocabulary, make the game more difficult by using Spanish words that begin with the last syllable of the previous word.

Spanish Pictionary

Practice Spanish while playing a classic game!

All you need is some paper, a pencil, and a timer. Designate one person as the artist; he or she will draw a picture of a person, place, or thing while the other players guess (in Spanish of course!). If you have enough people, you can play in teams.

You can make this game beginner friendly by using basic Spanish verbs, adjectives, and nouns, or make it more challenging by using Spanish phrases.

Verb Practice

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Verb conjugation is essential in Spanish, but just filling out verb tables and worksheets can be boring and tedious.

Make Spanish practice interesting with the Verb Conjugation Trainer game. Select the verb tense and the verb stem ending, and then match the correct pronoun with the conjugation.

The game keeps track of the score and has an audio option to help your son or daughter learn correct pronunciation.

Animals Game

This game allows you to review a word list and then tests your langugae and recall skills. The game gives you a word and then asks you to match it with the corresponding picture.

Spanish Books

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You can find books that are written solely in Spanish, as well as bilingual books that tell a story in both English and Spanish. If you need some book recommendations, here are five fantastic Spanish authors.

Spanish Listening Activities

Consistency and repetition are vital to learn any new language. Look for opportunities for your child to practice speaking and listening. These Spanish-listening activities will help to reinforce understanding and comprehension.


spanish activities

Image coutresy Maravilla Software

Lotería is a Mexican card game that is similar to Bingo. Each player gets a board with different pictures. One person acts as the caller and he or she will draw a card and read the Spanish word. The other players use playing pieces (usually beans) to mark off spots on their board that match the word on the caller’s card.

Listening Quizzes

spanish activities

The Schoolshape Spanish Resources listening page is packed with Spanish activities to help kids and teens improve their Spanish-language skills.

Kids can use the site to watch videos, listen to audio, answer questions, write in Spanish, and complete listening comprehension activities.

Spanish Podcasts

Notes in Spanish podcasts are great for intermediate to advanced Spanish students. On the website, you will find an archive of almost 100 files.

Get even more from the podcasts by downloading the accompanying worksheets, which test listening comprehension.

Spanish Speaking Activities

Spanish speaking activities are much more entertaining than grammar lessons and textbook exercises, and they can be very effective! If you encourage your son or daughter practice consistently, you can help him or her speak Spanish with confidence. You can try these activities with your kids or they can practice them with their peers.


This is another great Spanish activity to play with a partner or group.

One player describes an object or a person and the other participants try to guess what he or she is talking about. If you have a big group, you can play this game in teams.

Sing Along

spanish activities

No matter what type of music your child is into, it’s easy to find songs in Spanish. Encourage your son or daughter to search online for Spanish lyrics, and practice singing along.

Kids can find the Spanish versions of their favorite songs, or discover some new music. This is a fantastic way to practice Spanish pronunciation.

Act it Out!

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Role play works with any number of people. Practice realistic situations or find inspiration in soap operas to really have some fun. You can even find role play scripts online.

Have fun with this and be creative, it’s a great way to practice conversation skills.

Spanish Alphabet Activities

Studying a new language means learning new vowels, sounds, letters, and grammar rules. Repetition and practice can help to eliminate confusion. These Spanish alphabet activities will help your child learn Spanish vowels and letters.

Vocales Perdidas

spanish activities

Unlike English vowels, Spanish vowels use the same sound in every word. This online spelling game will help your child learn vowel sounds and practice Spanish vocabulary.

Alphabet Pronunciation

This activity from 123 Teach Me will take you through the alphabet and teach you to pronounce each letter. Put your knowledge to the test with videos, worksheets, and other Spanish activities.

Spanish Cultural Activities

One of the most fun and interesting aspects of studying a new language is learning about the culture. These Spanish cultural activities won’t just help your son or daughter learn Spanish, but also give him or her a greater understanding and appreciation of the culture. Help your child get excited about Spanish culture with these family-friendly ideas.

La Pirinola

La Pirinola is a traditional game for two or more players. You will need a pirinola (a small top-shaped object with six sides) and 10 chips for each player. Label the pirinola according to the rules below.

Each participant places two chips in the center and takes turns to spin the pirinola. You can land on toma uno (take one), toma dos (take two), toma todo (take all), pon uno (put one), pon dos (put two), or todos ponen (everyone puts a chip in the pot).

If you lose all of your chips, you’re out of the game. The winner is the player who ends up with the most chips.

Cultural Interviews

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On the University of Texas at Austin website you will find archives to more than 200 video interviews with professionals on Spanish cultural issues. A number of executives talk about each topic, which gives you a chance to see various viewpoints on the same issues.

You can also watch videos with a transcript in English or Spanish.

These interviews are more suited for teens, high school students, and intermediate Spanish students.

Make Ofrendas

Ofrendas are part of the Spanish holiday el Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), where family members gather to honor deceased loved ones.

Spanish families create ofrendas (offerings) every November for relatives and friends who have passed away. Learn more about ofrendas by completing these fun activities from Spanish Language & Culture.

Cook Spanish Food

This is a great family activity and a fantastic way to practice reading in Spanish. Look up some Spanish recipes online and turn la cocina (the kitchen) into a Spanish classroom!

Follow the directions in Spanish and learn to make traditional dishes from Spain or Latin America.

Spanish Activities for Kids

While most of the activities on this list are great for kids, we wanted to include some kid-friendly games that aren’t just fun, but educational! Most of these Spanish activities for kids are modified versions of classic games you may already know.

El semáforo

spanish activities

El semáforo is an outdoor game that’s perfect for kids to practice Spanish.
Everyone lines up and an adult, or designated player, calls out commands: “verde” (green) for run, “amarillo” (yellow) for walk, and “rojo” (red) for stop.

Sound familiar? El semaforo is just like the English game Red Light – Green Light.

Veo, Veo

Veo, veo is the Spanish-speaking equivalent of “I Spy,” although it has slightly different rules.

One person starts by saying: “Veo, veo,” (I see, I see). The second person answers: “¿Qué ves?” (what do you see?). The first person replies: “Una cosita” (a little thing).

Continue the game by asking yes/no questions until you figure out the mystery object.


spanish activities

Some sayings in Spanish are very similar to the ones in English, but others are completely different. This game will allow you to help your child understand some of the more common Spanish phrases.

Practice by printing out these cards, cutting them in half, and then trying to match pieces to create sentences.

Color, Color

spanish activities

As you may have guessed, this activity is great to help kids learn the colors in Spanish.

Color, color is a version of tag: a caller (a parent or another player) yells out a color in Spanish. The kids must touch an object of this color before the caller can tag them.