4 thoughts on “Learn French Vocabulary: Understanding Prefixes & Suffixes

  1. omg!!!
    been looking for this…
    many thanks!
    part of speech is the quickest way to explain grammar i don’t mnow why most courses in any language won’t dedicate a chapter about them. i think they are crucial to any language cause they bridge grammar to semantics.

  2. ok the links are useless cause they don’t relate to words like your list.

    i suggest another column for their end type. cause suffix prefix infix and all also enable people to create a part of speech from a word,

    like ….
    drive verb
    driven adjective
    driver noun

    or how suffix -ent almost turns anything into noun.

  3. You forgot my favorite one, -ment

    Many English adverbs are just french ones with -ment replaced by -ly.

    Certainement, definitivement, stupidiment, absolutement…

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