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French Language App Review: MosaLingua

french learning app

Are you looking for a fun app to help you practice French in between lessons? Below, French teacher Jinky B. shares her review of the French language app MosaLingua… 

As a French instructor for students of various ages and proficiency levels, I’m always searching for easy and interactive apps to help supplement French lessons.

So when I was introduced to the French learning app MosaLingua, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun it was to use.

The science behind the app is a formula of timed repetition. After words are introduced and reviewed, they are repeated at specific points in time.

This formula allows students to learn French words and phrases quickly. What’s more, the student can see and track progress via visual graphs.

Below are some of my favorite benefits the app offers as well as ways students can use the app to learn French effectively.

1. Learn Essential Vocabulary

MosaLingua initially provides the student with flashcards. Based on the student’s proficiency level, the flashcards can be increased in difficulty.

A clear audio clip is played and then the student repeats the phrase via a recording option.

The flip side of the flashcard then shows the French vocabulary word, its English equivalent, and the word(s) in a sentence.

I love the recording option. The student can compare the recording to the teacher recording and make any necessary changes.french learning app

2. Explore Thematic Vocabulary

If students are interested in exploring a specific theme—for example, shopping or traveling—a list of thematic categories is provided.

Within each category are more specified lists, such as how to ask the cost of an item or how to ask where something is located.

This is a great option if the student desires to quickly learn a set of phrases to use in a certain situation.

french learning app

3. Listen to Dialogues

One feature that I particularly like is audio of actual dialogue depicting common situations that arise during travel or everyday life.

Students have the option to listen only to the dialogue or to also see the corresponding French and English subtitles.

This feature is great for students who are working on their pronunciation skills and oral comprehension.

french learning app

MosaLingua is incredibly user-friendly with various ways to practice French vocabulary. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate student, the app is a great way to practice in between your French lessons.

Post Author: Jinky B.
Jinky B. teaches French lessons in Jacksonville, FL. She has her Bachelor’s of Arts in French, French Literature and Psychology from Florida State University and has over five years of teaching experience. Learn more about Jinky B. here!

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