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How to Find Free Piano Lessons for Kids – And if They’re Worth It

Free LessonsThese days, there are so many resources available to help you or your kids learn how to play the piano – and many of them are free.  But are free piano lessons for kids the best way to learn? Are there any differences between finding free resources, or paying for private piano lessons? In this article, we’ll go over some of the options, and how to determine what will best suit your child’s needs.

Finding Free Piano Lessons for Kids — Available Free Resources

  • YouTube: Nowadays, it’s extremely easy to browse YouTube and find videos on how to play the piano. There is an almost infinite amount of videos, and more and more show up every day. You’ll also find a wide variety of lessons, providing you with lots of genres and styles to choose from. Almost anybody can try to learn any style of music from YouTube.

  • Music Websites: You can also try out some music websites that offer free piano lessons for kids. They usually provide videos, sheet music, ear training exercises, and a few other bells and whistles. This often involves going through a trial period or signing up in order to access the free resources.

Pros and Cons of Free Lessons for Kids

Free piano lessons, at first glance, may be a more appealing option because they’re free. However, there are going to be some differences in the quality of lessons. Here are a couple reasons free lessons might not be the best option:

  • Free Lessons Lack Human Interaction: YouTube provides many videos, but this approach ignores an important contributor to your success in learning:  human interaction and a skilled teacher who can assess your child’s playing skills. Having a professional available who can observe and comment on your child’s playing is invaluable. Teachers have spent countless hours honing and perfecting their skill — they’ll be able to identify errors in your child’s playing, help to correct them and prevent poor playing habits from forming.

  • Free Websites Only Offer So Much: Learning how to play piano from a free website or trial will only take your child so far. Websites often only provide you with a set amount of material for free, and may charge you after a certain amount of time or point in the program has passed. This can be discouraging for your child if they’re on a positive arch in their learning process.

So, where do private piano lessons come into play? As mentioned earlier, working with a teacher one-on-one is an important part of the learning process. Some additional advantages of private lessons include:

  • Experience with a professional: Private piano lessons give your kids the opportunity to study with a professional, someone who brings their experience, personal insights, successes, and failures to the table. They are able to provide real-time adjustments and answer any questions that your child may have. They are also able to connect with your child emotionally, something that a website or YouTube video can’t do!

  • Variety: It can be beneficial to study with someone who can teach different genres and provide a strong foundation for learning – and private lessons do just that. With free piano lessons, your child will only be able learn so much about a specific genre. A private teacher will be able to guide your child and help them pursue their interests, increasing their excitement of taking lessons.

Putting It All Together

Studies show that children involved in music develop intelligence and skills that stick with them throughout their lifetime. If there is any gift to give to your kids, music is definitely one of them. Although private lessons may not be free, the price is about the only con when considering what’s best for your child. Signing up for piano lessons will help bring out the best in your child’s ability and provide them with a strong foundation to excel!

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