4 thoughts on “Five Legit Places to Find the Best Free Guitar Lessons

  1. Interesting article. Now on the Internet, there are many options for learning to play the guitar. Video on YouTube, individual courses, textbooks, articles, books, Skype lessons, etc. There are a lot of options and beginners can get confused about choosing the right way to learn how to play the guitar. Personally, I think it’s better to do it together with a teacher. It will help you avoid many mistakes when learning to play the guitar. Also, a teacher can point out your main mistakes: how you hold the guitar, how you feel the rhythm, etc. But the choice of a suitable method of teaching is an individual process. You must understand what method of study is more effective for you!

  2. Hey Natalie,

    I love your writing on “Three Legit Places to Find the Best Free Guitar Lessons “. Your post is very much helpful and informative. Keep up the good work and present us your best.


  3. Hey! Is free always good because its free? I feel better when I paid money for something or for someone. Because then its almost save that the creator pays attention on quality! Keep it up! Regards, Carl

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