How to Prepare For Your First Singing Performance [Checklist]

Are you gearing up for your very first time singing on stage or in front of an audience? Learn how to get ready for an audition or vocal performance — and overcome stage fright before it hits you — with this handy checklist from online voice teacher Tyler J...

Performing can be a beautiful experience, but if it’s your first time in front of an audience, the thought of it can be nerve-wracking. Stage fright is common for beginners (and believe it or not, sometimes even for professionals who have done tons of gigs), but these fears can be overcome with simple preparation. By following this timeline, you can learn how to prepare for a singing performance — from talent shows to important auditions — conquer any anxieties, and hit the stage with confidence.

Checklist for Singers First PerformanceIf you follow these steps, you’ll find that the stage isn’t quite so scary after all. If you still feel a little anxious right before, that’s okay – use that adrenaline to add energy to your performance. Throughout the weeks leading up to the performance, make sure to use a checklist like this with your private instructor. He or she can help coach you and provide plenty of encouragement as you prepare for your singing performance or audition. Remember, you’ve worked hard and are well prepared — now get out there and show the audience what you’re made of!

Tyler J

 Tyler J. teaches multiple styles of singing and guitar via online lessons. He recently earned a Master of Music in Commercial Music from California State University Los Angeles and can also help students with composition, music recording, and audio engineering. Learn more about Tyler here!



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