15 thoughts on “10 Famous Classical Piano Pieces You’ll Instantly Recognize

  1. Great list! Only wish you would not refer to them as songs. I know that most of the world believes the only kind of music that exists is “song” – a vocal composition. One sometimes hears: “If it doesn’t have words…it can’t be any good.” But, as you noted, these piano compositions are, in fact, good and many people know them. It’s just that they were created as abstract, wordless musical compositions by their composers. Some of the compositions in your list of five are incidental pieces, some are movements from sonatas., or a movement from a suite of movements, as is the case with the Debussy. Beautiful as they are – they have no words. They are not songs…iTunes, not withstanding.


      1. Prelude and Fugue in C Major — Beautiful, sounds much more rich and complex than it is difficult to play (not at all, one of the benefits of C Major. 🙂 ).

    1. Because Canon is a string composition and River Flows in You is not instantly recognizable by the general public

  2. Thank you so very much! Ronda Alla Turca was stuck in my head and is pretty much my favorite classical piece (other than several harpsichord numbers). You really saved me from an acute insanity as I recover from a painful surgery.

  3. hi guys. I used to watch a french song about two years ago from youtube . but unfortunately it was deleted and i couldn’t find it elsewhere and as i don’t know french i cannot remember the lyrics of the song. it was a slow song only being played by piano and all that i remember is there was (monafo) or something like repeated many times during the song. i would be glad if anyone could help me

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