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More Easy Guitar Songs Than You Can Shake a Pick At!

Learning how to play the guitar is more than just learning notes, chords, and theory. The best way to master this instrument is by learning through playing full songs.

To help you master the guitar, we’ve put together this collection of easy guitar song tutorials. Each of these songs will help you learn and refine your musical skills.

In our easy guitar songs, you’re sure to find a few songs that you love to play. Practice every day, work with your guitar lessons teacher, and most importantly have fun! You’re already on your way to becoming a great guitarist. You can also try taking guitar group classes with Takelessons Live.

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5 Easy Songs for Beginners

In this lesson, you’ll learn five simple chords, how to put them together to play a song, plus five great songs that are fun to sing and play.

» 5 Easy Guitar Songs That are Fun to Play

Play 20 Songs With 5 Chords

What can you do with a few simple chords? Turns out, you can play up to 20 classic songs!

» Learn to Play 20 Songs Using 5 Easy Guitar Chords

10 Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

Easy doesn’t have to mean boring or basic! Check out this selection of easy acoustic guitar songs that are a bit off the beaten path.

» 10 Acoustic Guitar Songs for Beginners That Are Not Even a Little Cheesy

5 Guitar Songs From The 90s

In this throwback guitar lesson, guitar teacher Collin K. teaches how to play 5 easy classic songs from the 90s.

» Throwback Thursday: 5 Easy Guitar Songs From The 90’s

7 Easy Country Guitar Songs

Country fans rejoice! Here are seven great easy guitar songs you can strum along to today.

» 7 Easy Country Songs to Play on the Guitar

6 Classic Country Guitar Songs

If you prefer the first Hank Williams to the third, this post is for you! Check out these six easy classic country songs you’ll love to play.

» 6 Easy-to-Learn Classic Country Songs for Guitarists

7 Bluegrass Guitar Songs

Bluegrass music tends to have simple chord structures, plus it’s fun to play. Bluegrass fans can start playing songs you love today with this easy guide.

» 7 Easy Bluegrass Songs on Guitar

7 Metal Guitar Songs

Metal guitar can be especially intimidating to beginning guitarists, but these seven songs are actually surprisingly easy to play.

» 7 Easy Metal Songs to Play on Guitar

5 Easy Songs for Earth Day

You’ll be a hit at the park on Earth Day with these ecologically-minded easy guitar songs!

» 5 Eco-Friendly Guitar Songs to Play for Earth Day

5 Guitar Songs for Weddings

Are you preparing to be the musical guest at a wedding? One of these easy guitar songs is sure to be perfect for the occasion.

» 5 Easy Guitar Songs to Play at Weddings

Easy Guitar Songs for Your Valentine

Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember with one of these classic romantic guitar songs.

» Valentine’s Day Special: 5 Easy Guitar Songs to Impress Your Sweetie

5 Acoustic Oldies on Guitar

When you play these classic tunes, everyone will want to sing along!

» 5 Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs Everyone Should Know

7 Easy Jazz Guitar Songs

Jazz up your repertoire with these seven easy and very recognizable tunes.
» Seven Easy Jazz Guitar Songs for Beginners

7 Easy Rockabilly Songs

Rock around the clock with these classic easy rockabilly songs on guitar!

» How to Play Rockabilly Guitar: 7 Easy Songs for Beginners