11 thoughts on “So You Want to Be a Drum Major? Tips & Advice for Students

  1. there are tryouts for drum major for the parade this week. i know how to conduct and all the key points on this article. any advice for how to approach actually doing a mock rehearsal? i don’t know how to go about when conducting without being embarrassed…

  2. I’m A Sophomore So I Can’t Be Drum Major Yet.. But Another Tip Would Be Get In Touch With Former Or Current Drum Majors To Help You. I Am Learning Things From My Former Drum Major & My Current One & Its Really Helping So Far & School Hasn’t Even Started Yet!

    1. That is ver true, I myself am working with my Senior Drum Major and my Junior Drum Major on what our Director looks for in a Drum Major and apparently they both think I have it in me even though I’m a freshman. They said they see good leadership in me, I’m committed, and I do what I’m told when I’m told. So talking with your Drum Majors helps so much it has completely opened my eyes to so many helpful points and another thing is if you get Drum Major go to Drum Major Camp it will help you so much, they will show you tips and tricks and team building exercise and a whole lot more. I hope I was able to help anyone who needed it!

  3. Thank you I have decided to tryout for drum major and these amazing tips will definitely help me through the school year.

  4. I like how you said that above all else, being musically proficient is the best of all drum major tips. I joined marching band two years ago and have wanted to be a drum major the whole time. This year I am trying out! Thank you for the tips on being a drum major.

  5. Hey, I tried out for dm last year a didn’t make finals. And the person that has drum major now, I wanna beat that person this year so I can get it next year. You can only be drum major for two years. And this person is a junior. It’s always been a thing is if get dm as a Junior, you are gonna have it a senior. So I need some tips on what I can do do to beat them.

    1. Hi Samuel, Have you considered taking private lessons from a drum instructor? Working one on one with a drum teacher can really help you refine your skills. Check out our drum teachers here. -Jess from TakeLessons

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