Top 5 Reasons To Smile This Week

Why stress when you can kick back and watch the cutest videos of the web? Put your feet up and treat yourself to a few minutes of totally happy things.

5. You’re a wizard

This little lad thinks he’s ready for Hogwarts, so please don’t tell him about this thing mom and dad have called a “remote control”.

4. Dogs Playing Fetch By Themselves

These sweet pups just want to have fun!

3. The Reveal to Grandpa

This man’s happy tears when he learns he will be a grandpa for the very first time are incredibly heartwarming! The mom-to-be shared on Reddit, “Told my dad he is going to be a grandpa I am his only child and my mother passed away 20 years ago. He has been asking us for grandchildren since our wedding night. I think he is happy. :)”

2. Cute Hamster Stuffs Face Full Of Baby Carrots

You know how sometimes you can’t stop snacking? Let this hamster show you how it’s really done.

1. Piggy Wants Salad

In other food-related video news, this little piggy rejects the notion that pigs eat like, well, pigs. He politely waits for small nibbles of salad, and his little pink nose is just about the cutest thing we’ve seen this week.

Are you feeling good? Get out there and share your smile with the world!


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