Changing the World, One Cute Puppy Picture at a Time

puppy picture

Who hasn’t lost countless hours of their life looking at pictures of cute animals on the Internet? It’s one of my personal favorite pastimes!

Photographer Jessica Trinh‘s beautiful dog portraits are even sweeter than your average puppy pic. Trinh is putting her photography skills to work for shelter dogs to raise awareness about how many great animals out there are looking for homes.


She calls it “Project Let it Rain Love”. She says the dogs “need someone to shower them with love and give them a chance to have hearts shower them for eternity.”


On her website, Trinh writes, “I wanted to give back to the community. My dogs have changed my life and I wanted more dogs to help people change their lives so I felt it to be appropriate to start a new project. I hope this project enlightens everyone on the story of a shelter dog and not only makes people think twice about giving up a dog, but gives these beautiful shelter dogs a chance for a new home with love.”


Did I mention Trinh is only 19?  Despite being young, she’s well on her way to change the world for a lot of dogs, and their humans too!


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