City Content Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for TakeLessons!

These city articles are intended to be a super-local resource for prospective students. Plus, it’s a great way to get your name out there on your city’s page!

These articles should be about the resources available in your city, and the recommendations you have for students, specific to the subject you teach. For example: If you teach Spanish, which neighborhoods are best for practicing with native speakers? If you teach piano, what local venues host annual events or festivals that you recommend to all of your students? If you teach singing, WHY is your city so great for aspiring vocalists?

Teach more than one subject? You’re welcome to write more than one article! Please keep in mind, though that we’re only accepting one article per city and subject. If you’d like to check if we still need content in your area before you start writing, please email us at

Check out this example from French teacher Carol Beth L. — click on the image below and scroll down to directly underneath the map. Click the “More” link to expand the article.


Your article must include:

  • An introduction specific to the city and category (e.g. “My name is… and I teach guitar in New York…”)
  • Recommendations, insight, and information about local venues, annual festivals, and the like. These should be strong recommendations — include as much information as possible, and WHY it’s important for students to check out (e.g. “Attending concerts at this venue will help you become a better piano player, because you’ll come across many different styles and genres of music to inspire you.”). If possible, include a link to more information.

Additional guidelines:

  • We’re currently only accepting articles about the following subjects: Guitar, Singing, Piano, Drums, Violin, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and German.
  • Must be 500 words or longer
  • Must be specific to a subject. For example, “Singing Resources in San Francisco,” as opposed to “Music Lessons in San Francisco”
  • Use a positive and engaging tone — readers should feel excited and eager to book lessons!
  • Break the content into short paragraphs or sections
  • Must be content that won’t become outdated (no specific upcoming dates, prices, etc.)
  • Don’t mention competitors
  • Include different styles/types of the subject where relevant (e.g. several genres for playing guitar)
  • Personal information, such as last names, email addresses, and personal websites are not permitted
  • Bonus: Consider mentioning famous or influential people who come from your city! (e.g. musicians who got their start there)
  • Bonus: References to neighborhood/districts where relevant

Submitting Your Article

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  • Our Editorial Team will review your article, and reserves the right to edit for stylistic purposes, including grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • If we accept and publish your article, we’ll let you know within 7 business days. If you don’t hear back, unfortunately your article was not chosen.

**Please keep in mind that submitting an article does not guarantee payment. Acceptance is determined by the order we receive articles, as well as the overall quality of the article. You must teach the subject you’re writing about to be eligible for payment. Questions? Email us at