9 Thoughtful and Affordable Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Christmas Gift Ideas For TeachersWith Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to give your or your child’s teacher a present as a token of appreciation for the time and energy he or she has invested  — this includes teachers at school as well as private lesson teachers and tutors! To help make your shopping easier, here are nine thoughtful and affordable ideas for Christmas gifts for teachers this holiday season.

1. A Handwritten Card

Sometimes the best things in life really are free, and a card written by a student is one of the most meaningful gifts that a teacher can receive. Teachers cherish these sweet words of admiration and usually keep these letters for many years. A homemade card is appropriate for younger students, while older students can compose a personalized letter of appreciation. You can also leave some kind words in a review for your TakeLessons teacher, which helps him or her attract new students!

2. Christmas Ornaments

Holiday ornaments make wonderful Christmas gifts for teachers because they are small, inexpensive, and easy to find. Steer clear of anything “teacher” related, as any teacher who has been teaching for more than a year or two likely already has more of these themed items than they know what to do with! Instead, select something you feel reflects the teacher’s style or personality.

3. Homemade Treats

Almost everyone loves homemade goodies, so if you are culinarily inclined, baked goods can make a delicious gift that is sure to be appreciated. Cookies, truffles, or fudge are all good options, as they are quick and simple to make, while also being easy to transport. Include the recipe so they can make it for themselves later on!

4. Gift Card or Gift Certificate

Take time to pamper your or your child’s teacher by giving them an indulgent gift card. A $5 gift card to a coffee shop may not seem like much, but getting to splurge on a fancy latte they might not usually purchase for themselves is a welcome treat. And don’t forget, TakeLessons offers gift certificates, too! Whether your teacher wants to improve their cooking skills, work on their fitness, or learn a new language, there’s so much to explore!

5. Cookie Jar

Fill a clear jar with all of the dry ingredients necessary to make your favorite homemade cookies, layering each ingredient. Tie the recipe to the jar with a fancy ribbon and you have a beautiful, simple gift. This idea also works well with homemade hot cocoa powder.

6. Tote Bag

Teachers and tutors who travel to students are always carrying books and supplies around with them. Help your teacher out by giving them a tote bag so they can carry their materials to you in style! You can select a pattern you think the teacher would enjoy or have a plain bag embroidered with their name or initials.

7. Travel Mug or Cup

Because teachers (especially singing teachers!) use their voices constantly throughout the day, many of them always have a drink with them for when their throat gets dry or scratchy. Reusable travel mugs or cups make wonderful Christmas gifts for teachers. You can find them almost anywhere in a wide variety of colors and prints. If you have a young child, you might even pick a customizable cup that they can decorate just for their teacher.

8. Handmade Crafts

Feeling crafty and want to make something unique? Pinterest is filled with creative ideas ranging from extremely simple to fairly complex, so you can pick the idea that fits your level of skill and the amount of time that you have. Your teacher will love your one-of-a-kind gift.

9. Hand Sanitizer

During the winter, children tend to become walking petri dishes for cold and flu germs, depositing them on every surface they touch everywhere they go. In an attempt to keep everyone healthy, teachers and tutors tend to use a lot of hand sanitizer for both themselves and their students during the colder months. While it may not be one of the most exciting Christmas gifts for teachers, hand sanitizer is certainly a practical gift that will be well appreciated.

Have a happy holiday season!


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