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Drum Sticking Stars: 10 Celebrities Who Play Drums

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In the age of reality television, talent isn’t always a prerequisite to stardom, but some of today’s celebrities are legitimately multi-talented — and some of them are even drummers.

Here are 10 celebrities who play drums.

1. Miles Teller

If you saw Miles Teller play drums in “Whiplash, you probably thought he had a double, or that the filmmakers used camera tricks or CGI, but that was actually the actor playing the drums.

Not only was Teller a rock drummer as a teenager, he also practiced jazz drumming for two months prior to filming.

2. Will Ferrell

While he may be well known for his cowbell on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL), Will Ferrell can also play drums.

His drum skills and striking resemblance to Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith inspired a drum-off on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

3. Craig Ferguson

Before becoming the host of the “Late Late Show,” Craig Ferguson was a drummer for the Dreamboys, which featured “Doctor Who’s” Peter Capaldi on guitar and vocals.

You can also catch Ferguson playing drums in the “Late Late Show’s” opening theme montage.

4. Billy Bob Thornton

At age nine, Billy Bob Thornton wanted to be Ringo Starr. Thornton played drums in high school and later toured with a ZZ Top tribute band.

After filming “Sling Blade,” Thornton headed to Nashville and has since released multiple albums.

Thornton’s band, The Box Masters, recently did some shows with the real ZZ Top.

5. Jeremy Piven

“Entourage” star Jeremy Piven plays drums every chance he gets.

In 2012, he moved into a London apartment while working on the Masterpiece series “Mr. Selfridge.” Piven told InStyle, “I got a drum kit for my place. I was so excited to play it, I ran in…and just jumped on the kit and started playing. Maybe a minute and a half into it, I looked up and all my neighbors were surrounding me. It was a nightmare!”

6. Gary Busey

Gary Busey received an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of Buddy Holly in 1978, but did you know he was originally cast to play the drummer in an earlier version of the biopic?

Busey broke into showbiz as a drummer, playing for the likes of Kris Kristofferson and Willie Nelson—two men with whom he would later share the big screen.

7. Fred Armisen

Fans of “SNL” recognize Fred Armisen for his comedic genius, but fans of Chicago punk rock know him as the drummer for Trenchmouth.

Armisen’s passion for drums actually led him to comedy. While interviewing bands, Armisen acted like funny characters. “It kind of took off. Within the space of about a year, I completely went from being a musician to being a comedian,” Armisen told Drum Magazine.

8. Jason Schwartzman

When Jason Schwartzman was in the third grade, he and some friends decided to form a band. After his first two friends called guitar and bass, Schwartzman was left with the drums. The rest is history.

Schwartzman played drums for Phantom Planet. Their single “California” was used as the theme for “The O.C.”

9. Mike Piazza

Mike Piazza was one of Major League Baseball’s heavy hitters, but he also loves heavy metal.

Piazza began playing drums as a high school senior. He actually took lessons from session pro Gregg Bissonette, who played with David Lee Roth.

Piazza told, “It’s fun for me. I’ll always have a drum set in my house.”

10. Patrick Stewart

When this “Star Trek” alum has down time, he practices his newest passion: drumming.

Sir Patrick Stewart just started learning drums, and the 74-year-old actor proves it’s never too late to try something new.

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