Student Spotlight – June 7, 2013

It’s Friday once again and time for us to put the spotlight on another outstanding TakeLessons student! Meet Harry G. from Eden Prairie, MN. Harry is 10 years old and he’s been playing drums for 3 years. He’s currently taking drum lessons with Colin M. who let us know that Harry recently had a very impressive performance with his school band.

Harry loves his lessons with Colin and says he loves to play music “because it feels good when you can memorize it and play it.” When we asked Harry if he could play drums with any band in the world who he would choose, Harry said, “I would love to play drums with the band Rush. I love the drums in their music.” Awesome choice, Harry!

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Julie’s Journey: Lesson 1

Wondering what it’s like to take piano lessons with one of our music teachers? As with taking on any new set of goals, that first step can be daunting, no matter what level you’re at. So if you’d like an insider look into what it’s really like to get started, we invite you to follow us on the blog for the next 10 weeks. We’ll be watching as San Diego student Julie D. tries her hand at piano lessons with instructor Jordan M. Check out the video and her first blog entry below, and who knows – you might be inspired to get started as well!

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Student Spotlight – May 31, 2013

Happy Friday and thanks for joining us as we once again shine the spotlight on a very special TakeLessons student! This week, we’re honoring Steve S, a 9-year-old piano student from Dedham, MA. Steve has been taking lessons with Marie-France M. for 2 years and recently got the opportunity to meet one of his musical heroes!

In this picture, Steve is meeting with Keith Lockhart, the conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra. Steve’s teacher let us know that Steve hopes to one day become a conductor himself. After seeing the video below of Steve’s impressive piano playing, we have to say it looks like Steve’s well on his way to living his dream! Read more

Student Spotlight – May 24, 2013

Happy Friday to all of our great students and teachers! This week, we’re shining the spotlight on Zoey M. in Olathe, KS. Zoey is 7 years old and she’s been taking piano lessons with Marci S. for one year.

Zoey’s hard work practicing and taking lessons is starting to really make a difference. She’ll be playing the piano in her school’s upcoming talent show. Bravo, Zoey! Read more

Student Spotlight – May 17, 2013

It’s Friday once again and time for another talented TakeLessons student to show off what they’ve been learning! This week we’re featuring Murli in Plainfield, IL, who has been taking guitar lessons with Adam G. for one year.  Murli is 50 years old. Although he has played guitar for many years, this has been his first time actually taking lessons and it looks like he’s really learning a lot!

Murli writes, ” I wanted to learn to play the lead and augment my chord playing skills.  This song helped me bring all the learnings together  and I consider this a milestone in my learning. I recorded the song in my home studio and published it. Adam is a great teacher – one who is very knowledgeable, patient and a wonderful guitar player.” Check out Murli’s video for his version of “Red Bud Tree” by Mark Knopfler below: Read more

Student Spotlight – May 10, 2013

Happy Friday! Are you ready to see another talented TakeLessons student show off her skills?

Meet Hannah. She’s 7 years old and is studying piano with our teacher Angela H. in Hazelwood, MO. Below, she shares her favorite song to play on the piano, “Summer Mountain Rain”. Hannah says she loves music because, “It’s pretty to listen to music. Especially when you don’t stop when you’re playing.”

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Student Spotlight – May 3, 2013

Another Friday, another shout-out to our awesome students!

Below, 12-year-old Faith showcases the piano song she played at a recent competition. She’s taking lessons with Hazelwood, MO teacher Angela H.

When we asked Faith what she likes most about playing the piano, she told us, “I love being able to express my emotions through music.  It says things that my heart knows, but my mouth can’t find the words to say.” Beautifully said!

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Student Spotlight – April 19, 2013

Kids, it’s time to unplug your Xbox and break out your guitar! These days, YouTube is loaded with amazingly talented kids – and we have several right here in the TakeLessons community, as well! Check out some of our rising stars in this video:

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TakeLessons in the Community: Song of the Butterfly

Music has a special power to bring people together and to change the world. At TakeLessons, we are all very passionate about music and about making a difference in the world. When we heard that a local 11-year-old girl named Moriah had organized a concert to benefit homeless children here in San Diego, we knew that we had to get involved and sponsor her efforts! Moriah and her Girl Scout Troop organized a wonderful benefit concert called “Song of the Butterfly” on Saturday, April 13 to fund a music program for kids at the Monarch School. The students at the Monarch School are kids whose families have been impacted by homelessness. The school does not currently have a music program, but Moriah is going to change that! Read more

Student Spotlight – April 12, 2013

Happy Friday to our students, teachers, and fans! We want to end this week with a bang, and what better way than with a compilation video of some of our talented students?

Over 70 participants submitted videos for the TakeLessons Student Talent Competition back in December, and this video showcases the winners and runners-up in the categories of “Best Original Song” and “Best Cover Song.”

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