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Music performance 2 resources, articles and tips for beginner and beyond

Jazz, Dupstep, & Hip Hop Violin: Violin Music Genres You Should Try

Stuck in a musical rut? There's no need to wallow in your boredom! There are so many genres of music out there to explore, and you might find that one of them is exactly what you've been missing.  The violin is one of the most versatile instruments around. It can be played in a symphony orchestra, a rock band, or even as a solo instrument. Violinists can play classical music, jazz, folk music, and pop music. There are all kinds of violin music genres out there! In fact, there are so many

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The Controversy of Creating a Vocal Range Chart

There are many singing methodologies out there, and each teacher has their own way of teaching.  Some methods use a vocal range chart, while others forego this tool. So, what's the controversy?  Let's take a look at the pros and cons of using a vocal range chart in order to help you make a decision for your own singing.  What Are the 5 Voice Ranges? A vocal range chart highest to lowest ranking will generally include these five voice ranges: Soprano Mezzo-Soprano Alto Te

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How to Handle Rejection as an Actor