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Infographic: What Apple Music Means to Artists and Fans

Westend61 / Westend61 / Getty Images Apple Music has been taking the music industry by storm since its launch in 2015. But what does it really mean for artists and fans?  This infographic takes a unique look at the impact of Apple Music from the perspective of both artists and fans. It breaks down exactly how Apple Music is changing the way we consume music and how it’s giving us more options to discover new music and keep up with our favorite artists.  How Much Does Apple Music Cost

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Uke Players Who Will Inspire (and Surprise) You!

I have a question for you. How many famous uke players can you name? After America’s Got Talent skyrocketed Grace VanderWaal to fame, chances are you can name at least one. The spunky and talented then 12-year old certainly made the ukulele a well-known instrument and showed that you can make a career out of this often undervalued instrument. You may be surprised to learn, however, that there are many other famous musicians who play the ukulele, and some non-musicians whose ukulele playing may

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How Do Songwriters Get Paid? Guide to Keeping Your Song Rights

Writing a song is a huge accomplishment. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance, hard-work, knowledge, and sometimes sheer luck. There are many expenses that go into writing and releasing a song as well. Will you hire musicians as session artists? Are you recording at home or in an established studio? Will you mix and master your song or are you hiring someone else to do it? Either way, each one costs time, money, or both. In this article, we will explore different the question, "how do songwr

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Session Guitarist Survival Guide

So you want to be a session guitarist? Maybe you’re wanting to make a few extra bucks. Maybe you want this as a career? In my music career, I’ve worked with artists such as Khalid, John Karpowich (Santana), Jamie Merrill, Eric Boseman, and many others. I will share with you what I think of as a basic session guitarist survival guide. A disclaimer… I don’t do much session work anymore. I am using my time to write and record my own music. However, I have learned a lot, and what works fo

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Violin Wall Hangers, Cases, & Tips for Safely Storing Your Instrument