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We’ve done extensive keyword research to determine the right topics and keywords to cover to get your article more exposure and a better ranking within search engine results. Priority will go to the topics below, and any additional topics that are pitched or submitted will be considered on an as-needed basis.

If you’d like to write about one of the topics below, please submit a pitch form, including the exact topic listed below. As teachers claim topics, we’ll remove them from the list.

As a reminder, please review the guidelines before you start writing!

Spanish Topics

  • Intro to Spanish Cuisine: Important Dishes and Vocabulary
  • [5] Quick Hacks When You’re Totally Lost in a Spanish Conversation

All other topics are covered for this month, but we’d love to hear your ideas for consideration for next month!

Outside of these specific topics, we’re accepting articles for these categories: Guitar, Singing, Violin, Spanish, French, as well as general (non-specific) language-learning and music-learning topics. If you don’t see a specific topic underneath the subject/category, that means the topics we’ve planned out have already been claimed, however, we encourage you to pitch your own topics! This helps us with our planning month-to-month, and pitching your idea increases your chances of getting to write for us.

Extra SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tips:

  • Use the keyword phrase (underlined) 2-4 times throughout your article (ideally once in the introduction, once or twice in the body, and once in the conclusion)
  • Stay as focused on the topic as you can – no long tangents or rambling!

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