How Does Learning Style Affect Learning to Speak Spanish 1

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How Does Learning Style Affect Learning to Speak Spanish 1Everyone has a different learning style; some people learn better through writing while others learn best through speaking or listening. How does your learning style impact the way you study and learn to speak Spanish? Below, we have some simple tips and tricks for the best way to learn Spanish most effectively for each individual learning style.

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Visual Learners

The best way to learn Spanish for visual learners is through the use of images, words, and charts. Exercises include organizing new information into a Venn diagram, a graph, a chart, or a list. Engaging in these written exercises will help you retain the new information and be able to apply it to other speaking and listening exercises. Learn the basics first by writing them down in a format that makes sense to you, and then you will be ready to start speaking and understanding Spanish much more effectively.

Auditory Learners

People who are auditory learners absorb new ideas best through hearing or speaking about the information. For an auditory learner, lectures are particularly important. If your teacher permits it, ask if you can record the lectures and listen to them again at home. Another one of the best, most effective ways to learn Spanish is obviously to practice speaking it! Auditory learners will gain a lot more value out of just trying to speak and listen to others speaking than they will from primarily studying out of the book. Unlike visual learners, auditory learners generally internalize new vocabulary words from hearing and using them, so find a tutor who can practice with you and get started on honing your Spanish speaking skills today!

Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners, otherwise known as the “do-ers,” learn best by performing activities instead of listening to lectures or watching a demonstration. If you are a kinesthetic learner, the best way to learn Spanish is through physically handwriting notes, not typing them. Make charts to help you learn new grammar points or vocabulary words, and try to involve the real world in your study sessions. For example, if you are learning cooking vocabulary words, try placing Spanish nametags on all of the items in your kitchen and using those to help you retain the new information.

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