Best Ukulele Songs to Play

Popular Songs to Play on the Uke

Whether you’re looking for the best ukulele songs to entertain your friends, practice your skills, or impress that special someone, look no further. We’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best ukulele songs for any and every occasion.

No matter what level ukulele player you are, search through this master list to find the perfect song when you need it!

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Easy Ukulele Songs for Beginners

best ukulele songs for beginners

If you’re just getting started playing ukulele, you’re probably looking for some fun, easy songs to play. Here is a collection of the best uke songs for beginners!

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» 5 Easy Ukulele Songs from the 60s

Hawaiian Ukulele Songs

fun hawaiian ukulele songs

Hawaiian culture heavily influenced ukulele music, so it’s fun to learn to play some authentic Hawaiian uke songs. These ukulele strumming patterns will come in handy when it comes to playing Hawaiian songs.

» 7 Hawaiian Ukulele Songs

» Traditional Hawaiian Ukulele Tabs (from Ukulele Tabs and chords)

The Best Ukulele Songs for Kids

perfect ukulele songs for kids

The ukulele is a wonderful instrument for children to learn. Help your kids have more fun while they practice with these uke songs for kids!

» 3 Easy Ukulele Songs Kids Can Play With Just 2 Chords

» Nursery Rhyme Ukulele Chords (from Got a Ukulele)

» Ukulele Songs for Kids (from Ukulele4Kids)

The Best Ukulele Songs for Weddings

wedding ukulele songs

Whether it’s a wedding, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary, sometimes you need a sweet song to sing to someone special. Want to say “I love you” in a new way? Sing your way into that special someone’s heart with these uke songs!

» Hawaiian Wedding Music (from Andy Wang Music)

» The 50 Most Romantic Ukulele Songs of all Time

» 3 Swoon-Worthy Ukulele Songs to Play for Your Sweetheart

The Best Ukulele Songs for Summer

fun summer ukulele songs

Looking for popular ukulele songs to play when the sun is shining and the living is easy? Whisk away to a tropical paradise with these feel good, summertime tunes.

» 5 Easy Ukulele Songs to Play This Summer

» How to Play 5 Summer Hits on Ukulele

The Best Ukulele Cover Songs

fun ukulele cover songs to play

Many contemporary songs can be covered on the ukulele. Get inspired to learn your favorites with these popular ukulele songs.

» Top 10 Most Surprising Ukulele Cover Songs

» 10 Awesome Ukulele Covers (from Flavorwire)

» 12 Ukulele Covers of Pop Songs by Suits and Ukes (from Thought Catalog)

The Most Fun Ukulele Songs to Brighten Your Day

most fun ukulele songs

Feeling down? Grab your ukulele and strum your blues away with these feel-good songs to play on the ukulele!

»5 Ukulele Songs to Brighten a Bad Day

» 5 Easy Pirate Songs to Play on the Ukulele

The Most Popular Ukulele Songs of All Time

most popular ukulele songs to play

There are some songs to play on the ukulele that simply stand out among the rest. These songs deserve their own category, since they’re considered the best uke songs… of all time.

»99 Most Popular Ukulele Songs of All Time (from UkuTabs)

» Top 100 Ukulele Songs (from Ultimate-Guitar)

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