5 Best Apps for College Students

Best Apps For College StudentsBeing a college student in 2014 has its pros and cons. The competition is fierce and college courses are more challenging and demanding. However, coupled with these expectations come a ton of technological tools and apps that can help make your life easier and more efficient. Here, tutor Natalie S. has picked out a few of the top apps for college students that you should download right now!

1.  Dropbox

This app and desktop tool enables you to back up all of your documents and easily share them with others. You’ll never struggle with emailing large attachments again, and you’ll never have to worry about losing all of your documents if your computer crashes. You can download Dropbox to your desktop, so you can save all of your files to this location instead of on your computer. Then, all of the info in your Dropbox syncs to the cloud and when you log into your account online, the account mirrors whatever you have saved on your desktop Dropbox. If you’re responsible for a group project, you can create a Dropbox folder and invite all of your group members to join. You can save all documents there and any updates will be seen in real time.

2.  Mathway

This app is a great tool for students who are not mathematically inclined and who need additional help navigating homework and prepping for exams. You can utilize the Mathway app to check many math concepts, including your algebra, geometry, or calculus math homework. Also, if you’re stumped on a problem, Mathway will show you step by step how it can be solved.

3.  iTunes U

This is a fantastic app to use in conjunction with your class lecture notes. iTunes U features lectures on all subjects by professors from leading universities, including as Cambridge and Yale. You can download lectures that correspond to the subjects you’re studying, and use iTunes U to supplement your lecture notes and in-class seminars.

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4.  SelfControl

This app is designed to block certain websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites that take your attention while you’re studying. Just download the app and tweak the settings, so you can block specific websites for a specific amount of time. Once you finish studying, SelfControl will turn off, and you will gain access to your favorite time-consuming social media sites once again.

5.  EasyBib

This app is designed to help you correctly format all of your sources, so you can easily create your bibliography page for your research papers. Formatting bibliographies can be a daunting, time-consuming challenge. This app helps you create citations in multiple different styles, including MLA and Chicago. All you have to do is either search for the book or article you want to cite, or enter the basic information manually, and EasyBib will instantly create the correct citation.

Whether you’re struggling with citations, self-control, math or file sharing, these apps for college students are must-haves to download right now!

Natalie S.Natalie S. tutors English, ESL, History, Phonics, Reading, and Test Prep in San Diego, as well as through online lessons. She received her BA in English Education at the University of Delaware, and her MA in English Literature at San Diego State University. Learn more about Natalie here!



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