18 thoughts on “10 Shocking Benefits of Listening to Classical Music [Infographic]

  1. All of the above is absolutely true! I’m thankful and relieved when clinics play classical music. When I hear pop music in clinics, it’s disturbs my mood I almost want to ask them to change station. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of music. When I used to lay in bed in Emergency Room with migraine headache, this clinic had classical music playing. Nothing can ease migraine pain but the sound of classical music did! It felt like sound of heaven easing the pain! Beethoven station on Pandora is on all day in my office – I can focus and put out taskers! Classical music rocks!

  2. Great article – we need more attention given to the benefits of classical music in society. It raises one’s awareness and intellect far above most forms of pop music. Thank you for this!

      1. May I reproduce this poster for use with students or is there a copyright infringement involved?

  3. Relieves stress, expect for some Liszt pieces.
    But I love classical anyways.
    Great article though.

  4. My grocery store, my gas station and my dentist all play classical music. I really notice a difference if I get gas or groceries somewhere else.

  5. Sir I would like to add the points by the use of binary music we get more benefit I have just read about on another website. bites which are for the specific state of mind rest working etc .

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  7. It’s true that listening to classical music can reduce stress level as it soothes and relaxes our moods. My husband loves jazz music because it’s calming and relaxing. We are planning to have our anniversary date tomorrow, and he prefers a jazz speakeasy restaurant. We will find one soon.

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