benefits of listening to classical music

10 Shocking Benefits of Listening to Classical Music [Infographic]

benefits of listening to classical music

Chances are you’ve heard that there are several benefits of listening to classical music. But is there any actual truth behind this statement? According to numerous studies, there absolutely is.

There are a ton of brainy benefits one derives from listening to classical music. From pain management to improved sleep quality, listening to classical music has both mental and physical benefits.

In fact, simply listening to classical music as background noise can have a significant impact on your mood, productivity, and creativity.

I guess those old guys were really onto something, huh.

Below are some surprising benefits of listening to classical music backed by actual science.

benefits of listening to classical music

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10 Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

1. Decreases blood pressure

Want to keep your heart healthy? According to an Oxford University study, listening to classical music can help reduce one’s blood pressure.

In the study, researchers played participants different styles of music, including rap, pop, techno, and classical.

Classical music was effective at lowering participant’s blood pressure, while rap, pop, and techno actually raised blood pressure.

2. Boosts memory

Did you know that listening to Mozart can actually help improve your memory? According to a study, people who listened to Mozart’s music showed an increase in brain wave activity that’s linked directly to memory.

So next time you have to memorize a big speech or presentation, put on some Mozart while you practice.

3. Sparks creativity

To get your creative juices flowing, listen to some classical music. While listening to classical music won’t instantly make you creative, it will help put into a more creative mindset.

Next time you need to brainstorm, try listening to some Mozart or Bach to get your mind thinking outside the box.

4. Reduces stress levels

If you’re feeling particularly stressed, listen to some classical tunes. A study found that pregnant women who listened to classical music were less likely to feel stressed throughout their pregnancy.

Scientists claim that classical music’s tempo is similar to the human heart, which eases both anxiety and depression.

5. Supercharges brainpower

Do you have a big test or project coming up? Boost your brainpower by listening to some classical music.

In a study, French researchers found that students who listened to a lecture in which classical music was played in the background scored better on a test compared to other students.

6. Fights depression

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, ditch the donuts and opt for some classical music instead.

Several studies have proven that classical music helps relieve depression and melancholy.

In fact, a study from Mexico discovered that listening to classical music can help ease symptoms of depression.

7. Puts you to sleep

Do you toss and turn for hours before finally falling asleep? Rather than squeeze in another episode of Games of Thrones or New Girl, listen to classical music.

According to a study of people with sleep issues, listening to classical music for just 45 minutes prior to bed can help improve sleep quality.

8. Relieves pain

Instead of reaching for another Tylenol, you might want to consider playing a Bach or Beethoven playlist. Multiple studies have shown that listening to classical music can help relieve pain.

According to researchers in London, patients listening to classical music used significantly less pain medication.

9. Makes you happy

Want to get out of that bad mood you’re in? Listening to classical music can help increase dopamine secretion, which activates the brain’s reward and pleasure center.

In fact, a 2013 study found that music can help put people in a better mood.

10. Improves productivity

It’s a Monday morning and you can’t seem to get it together. To help boost productivity, listen to some classical music.

A series of studies have proven that music makes repetitive tasks more enjoyable.

A study performed by researchers at the University of Maryland found that Baroque classical music in the reading room can help improve radiologists’ efficiency and accuracy.

Give it a Try!

While classical music can’t raise your IQ 10 points, there are a ton of benefits of listening to classical music. Not sure where to start? Our friends at Merriam Music put together a great beginner’s guide here.

Whether you need to cram for an important presentation or you simply want a good night’s sleep, classical music can help. But Don’t just take our word for it. Try it out for yourself and let us know what benefits of listening to classical music you experience!

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18 replies
  1. connie bach
    connie bach says:

    All of the above is absolutely true! I’m thankful and relieved when clinics play classical music. When I hear pop music in clinics, it’s disturbs my mood I almost want to ask them to change station. Don’t get me wrong, I love all kinds of music. When I used to lay in bed in Emergency Room with migraine headache, this clinic had classical music playing. Nothing can ease migraine pain but the sound of classical music did! It felt like sound of heaven easing the pain! Beethoven station on Pandora is on all day in my office – I can focus and put out taskers! Classical music rocks!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    Great article – we need more attention given to the benefits of classical music in society. It raises one’s awareness and intellect far above most forms of pop music. Thank you for this!

  3. The Next Rubinstein
    The Next Rubinstein says:

    Relieves stress, expect for some Liszt pieces.
    But I love classical anyways.
    Great article though.

  4. Renee
    Renee says:

    My grocery store, my gas station and my dentist all play classical music. I really notice a difference if I get gas or groceries somewhere else.

  5. Kartik
    Kartik says:

    Sir I would like to add the points by the use of binary music we get more benefit I have just read about on another website. bites which are for the specific state of mind rest working etc .

  6. anna lynch
    anna lynch says:

    Hello My Name is Anna How Are You? I Am I Trying To Start A Blog On Various Topics. I Am Also Trying To Start A Lifestyle Brand With Various Topics I Am In Progress of Writing About Anxiety and Depression I Have Done Internet Research on Classical Music And Anxiety . And It Works THANK YOU if I would have never found this article I wouldn’t have remember the positive affects it has on anxiety to were i am listening more than rap music . To make this short may i use this article on my wix blog just email me when you can i am going finish it tonight

  7. Bree Ward
    Bree Ward says:

    It’s true that listening to classical music can reduce stress level as it soothes and relaxes our moods. My husband loves jazz music because it’s calming and relaxing. We are planning to have our anniversary date tomorrow, and he prefers a jazz speakeasy restaurant. We will find one soon.


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