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15 Greetings in French: How to Properly Meet & Greet Someone in France

Bonjour! How much do you know about French greetings and salutations? Learning how to say “good morning” in French, along with other basic greetings, is usually the first task that aspiring French speakers take on. Properly greeting someone can open up new connections as well as deepen existing ones. Pronouncing “Hello, how are you?” correctly in […]

10 Funny Songs to Sing With Kids

Looking for fun songs to sing with kids? There’s a whole slew of funny songs for kids that can be sung in the classroom or at home. These songs can teach new concepts, or just be sung for the sake of silliness. Whether they’re instructional or not, it will be hard to get these tunes […]

The 7 Best Bass Guitar Songs to Learn

Do you dream of playing the bass? This list of the best beginner bass songs is sure to inspire you. Don’t be fooled by the laid-back nature of most bassists — the bass is one of the most important elements of any band. Together with the drummer, a bass player is the glue that holds […]

15 Easy (Yet Impressive) Songs to Play on Violin

As a beginner violinist, chances are you’re eager to play easy violin songs that will show off your new skills. While playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” is nice, you’re probably looking for some more popular tunes. Luckily, there are plenty of easy songs to play on the violin, many of which you might already know. Before you jump into learning […]

5 Kid-Friendly Piano Songs with Letters + Video Tutorials

It’s never too early (or late) to start learning the piano! Whether you have an illustrious grand piano or a funky techno beat electronic keyboard, you can teach your child several simple piano tunes in a fun and encouraging fashion. Introducing your child to the fundamentals of music can help them in many different ways. […]

9 Confidence-Boosting Singing Quotes & Affirmations

Let’s face it: singing in front of an audience isn’t easy. Vocal beginners and experts alike all need a confidence boost from time to time, especially before taking the stage. Even if you know a song inside-and-out, if you don’t feel confident then it’s hard to perform at your full potential. Sometimes, just a few […]

10 Fun and Educational Spanish Games for Kids

Making sure that your child practices Spanish in between lessons is important. Below, Spanish teacher Breeana L. shares 10 fun and educational Spanish games for kids… There are many ways to engage your child or your students in the Spanish learning process -whether the topic is vocabulary, verbs, or pronunciation. Here are 10 fun and […]