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The Best Way to Learn a Language: 30 Incredibly Effective Tips and Tricks

More often than not, the main question on a new language learner’s mind is, “What’s the best way to learn a language?” Between language lessons, grammar books, conversation practice, and exercises, learning a new language can be a long and challenging process. On the other hand, few things are more rewarding than carrying out a conversation in […]

Japanese Mythology: 5 Ancient Myths and Legends

Do you have a fascination with old Japanese myths and legends? Japanese mythology is full of epic tales of adventure along with deep reflections on life. Learning about Japanese history and culture is also a great idea for those studying the language. A little bit of background before we dive into the myths: Japanese mythology […]

The 5 Top Japanese Songs of all Time (& What They Really Mean)

The Japanese music culture is rich with beautiful melodies and lyrics. Elements such as nature and nostalgia are often explored with traditional Japanese music (known as hōgaku), and Japan’s artists have brought this refined musical aesthetic to virtually every other genre. Soothing Japanese songs have become a favorite for listeners around the globe, and those […]

5 Best Korean Learning Apps for Beginners

The best way to learn Korean is through lessons with a Korean teacher, but supplemental study materials – such as Korean learning apps – can be very beneficial for language students as well. Learning to speak Korean can be challenging, especially for English speakers. The language has a different alphabet, Hangul, and it contains sounds that aren’t […]

Japanese Writing Systems for Beginners: Learn Romaji

When learning Japanese you’re introduced to several writing systems, including hiragana, katakana, kanji, and finally – romaji. Romaji simply means “Roman characters.” You will typically use romaji when you type out Japanese sentences using a keyboard. “Romaji is the representation of Japanese sounds using the western, 26-letter alphabet,” says Donald Ash, creator of TheJapanGuy.com. “Romaji […]