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Everything You Need to Know About the Blues Scale on Guitar

Learning the blues scale on guitar is something of a rite of passage for every guitarist. If you’re a beginner with reasonable dexterity and you’re serious about learning, you’ll find the blues scale to be extremely useful. For intermediate guitarists, this scale is essential, but it’s also important to understand that scales are merely the […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Ukulele Notes [Charts Included]

An excellent starting point for all beginners is to learn their notes on the ukulele. As you learn to navigate the notes on the fretboard, you’ll build an understanding of the basics – so you can start playing tunes in no time! Once you’ve mastered the individual notes, you can use them to build chords, […]

The 10 Best Guitar Brands for Acoustic & Electric Players

Many beginning guitarists ask the same question: which are the best guitar brands? Is there a particular brand that outshines the others? Finding the best guitar really comes down to your interests and determining the type of music you want to learn. Although the material you’ll learn for electric, classical, and acoustic is very similar […]