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Do You Know the Absolute Best Book to Read for Practicing a Language?

There are so many different ways to learn a language. It’s good to have some guidance on which is the best! In this article, we’ll explain why one beloved book series is the best to way to learn a language…   Language learning doesn’t have to be boring. It’s not all about reading textbooks and completing workbooks. It’s […]

10 Fascinating Idioms in Different Languages

Surely you’ve heard at least one of these English idioms: It’s raining cats and dogs Don’t cry over spilled milk It cost me an arm and a leg By definition, idioms are phrases with culturally-understood meanings that aren’t meant to be taken literally. They’re basically fun and interesting ways of expressing your thoughts. Below are […]

5 Insider Tips for a Successful Music Career

Breaking into the music industry is tough, but it’s a lot easier when you have some help along the way. In this article, professional singer and music teacher Liz T. will show you 5 valuable tips you can use to make it the music industry…   Based on my performing experience in the music industry, I’ve observed many […]

Accomplish Anything: The Ultimate List of Empowering Songs [Infographic]

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish with a pair of headphones and the right soundtrack. From doing chores around the house to preparing for an interview, we’ve got 50 empowering songs that’ll take your productivity to the next level…   Did you know that pop music is scientifically-proven to be the best music for working quickly and accurately? It’s […]

The Social Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

Everyone has their own reasons for learning a language, but here’s what they all share in common: receiving life-changing benefits. In this article, language teacher Carol Beth will show you six social benefits of learning a foreign language…   Learning a foreign language can benefit you in real and measurable ways. In fact, the benefits of being bilingual include higher […]

5 Horrible Solo Albums From Famous Musicians

Going solo isn’t easy. Once you leave a famous band, it’s hard to achieve the same level of success on your own. In this article, Jessica Kane from SoundStageDirect discusses five solo albums from famous musicians that just didn’t cut it…   There are unknown reasons as to why some famous musicians feel the need to try to wing it […]

5 Common Mistakes New Language Learners Make

Before you begin learning a language, it’s good to know what NOT to do along the way. In this article, self-study coach Marta Krzeminska from LinguaLift will show you 5 common mistakes people make when learning a foreign language…   1) They Think Learning Can Be Effortless Sorry to disappoint you, dear beginners. Regardless of the promises that your new course […]

Motivate Your Child To Practice With a Reward System

Getting your child to practice anything can be tough. It’s easy for them to get distracted, bored, or otherwise uninterested when faced with a task. In this article, piano and singing teacher Mariana L. shares her reward system for kids that works brilliantly on her music students…   Children can get bored and easily distracted while trying to focus on […]

10 Easiest & Hardest Languages to Learn for English Speakers

Every language requires a different learning approach. Depending on how easy or hard a language is to learn, you can have varying practice times, materials, and degrees of discipline. In this article, you’ll learn about 10 popular languages and their difficulty levels from our language learning friend, Julie Petersen…   Language difficulty is a hard thing […]