7 Great Audition Songs for Sopranos

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The best audition songs for sopranos help singers stand out from the crowd and be heard when auditioning. The perfect song should be reasonably challenging, in order to show off your abilities, and should also exemplify personality. This could mean singing something to which you feel you can relate. Ideally, you should be able to create a tone similar to the original but, above all, you must enjoy the song.

Almost all pieces, provided they are in your range and you can sing them well, work well as audition songs for sopranos. There is disagreement between singers whether songs that are frequently used should be avoided. Consider yourself safe if you feel you will be able to impress the musical director; just avoid anything too slow and repetitive. Here are some of the top favorite audition songs for sopranos:

1. “When You Got It, Flaunt It” – The Producers
If you have a powerful voice, it’s important to demonstrate your abilities in the full to the director. “When You Got It, Flaunt It” from The Producers is the perfect piece to do that. It may not be suitable for a serious singing role, but if you are looking for a comedic part, this song is ideal. The song involves some high E flats at the end, as well as a Swedish accent!

2. “Gimme Gimme” – Thoroughly Modern Millie
“Gimme Gimme” from Thoroughly Modern Millie is a great choice to show off your skills through transitioning from a slow, gentle beginning to an energetic end. The most challenging part of the song is probably the final belted out C, as it is held for a very long time.

3. “A Wonderful Guy” – South Pacific
Simple yet sure to impress if it is sung well, “A Wonderful Guy” from South Pacific is a perfect song to choose if you need to show off some acting skills while you are singing. With a very small range, it is not a difficult piece to sing, but can produce great results when executed correctly. Consider “A Wonderful Guy” if you are auditioning for a lighthearted role.

4. “Till There Was You” – The Music Man
“Till There Was You” is a beautiful classic that allows you to demonstrate your wide vocal range, while showing how you are able to incorporate acting skills into singing. This is an ideal choice for sopranos to show how they can interpret and incorporate lyrics into their performance.

5. “Fine, Fine Line” – Avenue Q
Sopranos who have a classic Broadway tone would do well to consider “Fine, Fine Line” from Avenue Q. While soft and thoughtful, this song will show off your ability to hit powerful notes, and it includes a number of held high notes.

6. “Where Is Love?” – Oliver!
“Where Is Love?” is a favorite among children auditioning for soprano roles and is frequently chosen when the audition does not specify a particular piece. This is a great option for boys with a powerful range.

7. The Boy Next Door – Meet Me In Saint Louis
Another song geared toward younger singers is “The Boy Next Door”. Songs like this one are ideal in order to demonstrate range, vocal abilities and ability to express emotion in lyrics.


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