You Know You're an Actor When...

You Know You’re An Actor When…

Actors are an incredibly diverse group of people, but because we love to act, we actually have a lot in common! Whether you’re working in theater or film, you probably have more than one of these funny quirks and habits…

You have headshots everywhere.

If your acting career is important to you, you know that having headshots that accurately reflect what you currently look like is mandatory. Did you get a haircut? Time for new headshots!

You are a master of the quick change.

You can get in and out of costume in ten seconds flat, and you’re probably not shy about doing it. The show must go on!

You are totally unphased by men in makeup and/or tights.

You’re no stranger to stage makeup and period costumes.

“I can’t, I have rehearsal.”

Is there life after rehearsal? Who knows!

Your brain is mostly lines and lyrics…

…and if you hear your cue, you’re not shy about busting out your lines in any situation. This goes double for musical theater actors and singers!

While watching a movie or a play, you can’t stop imagining yourself as the lead.

You could totally nail that part!

People think you’re talking to yourself…

…but really you’re just practicing lines. It might sound intense sometimes, but that’s only because you throw yourself into character every chance you get. Anyone interested in acting careers should know that they require lots of practice and memorization.

You spend hours practicing faces in the mirror.

Your facial expression game is on point! You can go from happy to sad to angry on command.

You’re no stranger to a little bit of stage fright.

You still get nervous sometimes at auditions and certain performances, but you’ve learned how to soothe your nerves and keep stage fright at bay. When it counts, you’re cool, calm, and in control.

You cope with rejection like a pro.

No matter who you are, you’ve been told you are too young, too old, too blonde, not blonde enough, or just not right for the role for all kinds of reasons. But you’re okay with it because you know there are other parts out there that will be perfect for you.

And finally, when you are a part of a great cast, your castmates become your family.

You love your fellow actors and you’re so grateful for the experience you get from working together! You’ll treasure the memories of the productions you work on now for many, many years to come.


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