6 thoughts on “Japanese Greetings: 8 Essential Japanese Greetings to Learn

  1. The sound “wa” in the romaji should not be mixed with the ancient pronunciation for “は”, you should write it as ha but pronounce it as “wa” , not all the time but very often. The actual “wa” in hiragana is “わ”
    And there are some missing sounds in the picture

  2. In the picture, Konban wa and Konnichi wa characters have the same kanji and hiragana. Am I the only one who noticed that?

    1. Did not notice. It’s a typo in the graphics.
      Konnichi wa should have been:
      Hiragana: こんにちは
      Kanji: 今日は

    2. Yes on the green graphic, the Konbanwa kanji and hiragana are listed for both Konbanwa and for Konnichiwa

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