7 thoughts on “How to Tune a Guitar: Easy Beginner’s Guide

  1. My question is this acoustic will not tune up to E standard it only wants to tune to drop a and so it stands out as why? Is it the bridge the saddle the strings the intonation wear and tear like wtf am I doing wrong?

  2. I really did not know that we need it to tune the guitar in a regular basis! Thanks for the tip! 🙂
    Will do more often from now on!

  3. Thank you for such understandable instructions. I do not play, never have but, with these instructions and knowing and having a piano, I was able to tune the guitar I purchased for my grand daughter.

  4. What you have just learned is called Standard Tuning Pattern. Like I previously stated you can use this anytime, anywhere to get your guitar tuned up.

  5. Hi, Thanks for sharing these amazing tricks and tips. These tips are very helpful for tuning a guitar. Thanks again for valuable information.

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