4 thoughts on “How Long Does it Take to Learn French? Find Out Here.

  1. Wow this is really helpful. I too thought to learn french and same question arise in mind that how much time it will take to learn french. I agree to the fact that different person have different abilities. But the information you shared is really helpful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. French is regarded as one of the easiest foreign languages. People who already know English will find it a complete cakewalk. Steffen Carter, if one is really determined, it won’t be very difficult to learn French. Thank you for sharing this post for some other tips that readers may not have otherwise considered.

  3. How do you teach French to small children? I am primarily a visual learner. Other than watching movies in French, what study methods would work best for visual learners? I have another question, what sort of methods are recommended for auditory learners? We have audiobooks already on hand.
    DS is a visual learner and DD is a auditory learner. I filled out the quiz too. How much does it cost to buy? Where can I find reviews on this product?

    1. Hi Leah! Movies and French YouTube videos are all great options for visual learners. Like you mentioned, audiobooks are also very helpful. Have you tried listening to podcasts?

      To answer your question about TakeLessons, the cost of private lessons depends on the teacher you choose. Our teachers set their own rates for one-on-one lessons, and each teacher’s individual reviews are shown on their profile page. However, if you’d like to start out with some free online classes which are led by live French instructors in a group setting, check out TakeLessons Live. Hope that helps! -Jess from TakeLessons 🙂

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