3 thoughts on “Fretless Guitar: Advantages, Disadvantages, and Helpful Tips

  1. I’ve played a fretless bass in the past and have to say really loved it!

    It would be interesting to try playing a fretless guitar, I imagine it could be a bit more of a hand full then the bass would be but if you can nail it it would sound unreal! Using effects like a heavy fuzz or a smooth chorus/phaser could really amplify the advantages of the fretless guitar like having more fluidity like you mentioned.

    Awesome article to come across today! Wooh!

  2. Both Warmoth and USA Custom Guitars will do fretless necks for those electric players interested in going fretless.

  3. Fretless guitar is a great instrument, it also improves your skills when you pick up a fretted guitar again. Like any guitar fretless ranges from low to high prices. Many guitarists consider fretless an extra axe in the armoury. See unfretted (dot) com for a lot more info.

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