One thought on “Top 10 Podcasts for Learning Italian

  1. Travelling in Italy is tricky without learning the language. The most unique neighbourhood of Rome, Trastevere, speaks broken English mostly. Not knowing the language limits our experiences, bars us from touching the lives of the locals. Despite their warmth, you would feel a lack for Italy is a place filled with beautiful people. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the common Italian words and phrases you need to know when travelling in Rome:
    Good morning: Buon giorno (bwon gee-orno)

    Good evening: Bouna sera (bwon-uh say-ruh)

    Good night: Bouna notte (bwon-uh no-te)

    Thank You: Grazie (grah-tseeay)

    You’re Welcome: Prego (pray-go)

    Hello/Goodbye: Ciao (chow)

    Help: Aiuto

    Restaurant: Ristorante

    Police: Polizia

    Doctor: Medico

    Water: Acqua

    Airport: Aeroporto

    Train station: Stazione

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