4 thoughts on “Here’s What to Know Before Buying an Instrument

  1. I’m a big music lover, so I’ve bought quite a few instruments throughout my life. I like what it said about finding the instrument that has the sound you’re looking for. Every instrument sounds a little different. Growing up in a family of violin players, I found there was one violin I preferred over the others. I liked the way it sounded, and felt. I’ve also bought a lot of stuff like bass guitars, guitars, synthesizers, drums, you name it. I spent a lot of time researching the sounds I wanted. I think a great way is to hit the internet, and watch videos and read reviews. Nothing is better than trying them out for yourself though. It’s the funnest kind of shopping there is!

  2. It’s a great idea to consider if you can comfortably play the instrument in all registers. My thumb on my left hand has a slight muscle problem, so it’s always been difficult to find something I can play comfortably. It would be interesting to see if there is something that feels comfortable enough to play.

  3. I liked the question Donna posed about whether the sound of the instrument matches the concept of how you want to sound. I have been thinking of taking up an instrument and was considering a penny whistle because it’s pretty unique where I live. A flute might fit more with what I want to sound like though – I’ll have to listen to someone play one.

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