How to behave in exams

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After studying and revising well for the exam, it is essential to observe some behaviors in the exam room to excel. It is important to be seated in the exam room on time. According to online essay helper, arriving 10-15 minutes before exam time is good enough for one to breathe and relax before commencing the paper. This time allows one to settle psychologically and refresh to remember what revised.

Take enough time to go through the rules and regulations of the paper. If there are instructions that are not clear, consult with the invigilators for clarity. For technical subjects, make sure you have everything you need for instance in mathematics, you may need the geometrical set, log tables and so on. Portable gadgets like mobile phones are not allowed in the exam room, therefore, confirm you have left them out of the room.

Observe silence before, during and after the exam. Trying to talk to other students will be considered as disturbance and can be seen as misconduct and attempting to cheat, therefore, make sure you do not have anything to ask when exam commences. In case you need attention, raise your hand so that an invigilator can attend to you. Sometimes one can fall sick during the exam or feel pressed, seek permission to get out.

Before attempting the questions, take adequate time to go through all the questions and understand. Start with the ones you can answer comfortably towards the challenging ones. Let the marks allocated guide you on the amount of time you need to tackle the questions to avoid time wasting. Cross any draft that you don’t want marked and allow some time to go through the work before submitting.

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