2 thoughts on “The 9 Most Popular Kanji Tattoos

  1. Excellent article, very informative. Thank you sir!
    I Really Enjoyed Reading This tattoos designs !Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reflections

  2. I have added more informations about koi fish meaning chart
    1. Red “AKA” (red background) “HI” (red markings)

    2. Blue “Ai”

    3. Orange/Red “Beni” (orange/red background)

    4. Brown “Cha”

    5. Silver (Mettalic) “Gin”

    6. Gold (Mettalic) “KIN”

    7. “Karasu” (Black Background) “Sumi” (Black Markings)

    8. Yellow “Ki” (yellow) “Yamabuki” (pale yellow)

    9. Green “Midori”

    10. Grey “Nezu”/”Nezumi”

    11. Orange “Orenji”

    12 White “Shiro

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