I Thought I Knew About Music

Scholarship Entrant: Omar from Temple, Georgia
Essay Question: How has music changed your life? Please describe a specific example and share what music means to you.
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At a very young age, I was a Kiss fan.  I was Gene Simmons (we were four boys, so that worked out), but secretly, I really was into Peter Criss.  I thought he was the best drummer in the world.  Even when a friend played me some Buddy Rich, I would have none of it.

One day, my older brother’s friend asked me who my favorite band was.  I told him “Kiss, of course!”

He chuckled, then handed me a cassette and said, “Here – play this, then let me know what you think.”  It was Rush, “Moving Pictures”.  I pressed play.  Once I heard that first note from “Tom Sawyer”, my life was forever changed.  Who are these guys?  Who was that DRUMMER?  I had never, EVER, heard playing like that.  Such a level of musicianship that immediately made me wish I could play like that (in my dreams, at least).  Before the first song was over, I said goodbye to Kiss.  Not from an emotional standpoint, though.  To this day, I remember the words to most of their songs from the 70’s era, and I love their music from that time.

But now, Rush were my teachers, my inspiration for playing – particularly Neil Peart.  He has been my instructor, my drumming master, for decades.  I credit him for ‘teaching’ me, not only about drumming, but about being a consummate musician.

I thought I knew about music – now I do.

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