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Scholarship Entrant: Bob from Fayette, Missouri
Essay Question: How has music changed your life? Please describe a specific example and share what music means to you.
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Intrepid travel, not joining the circus or a carnival, but following the Grateful Dead on so many venues and shows meeting like minded and expanded minded folks enjoying tamales and extended jams, Careening across america, (the police in Colorado called us visual pollution – they could never see the colours from our point of view) – Smile Smile Smile, trading tapes, get the set lists: “hey what dead song is this one?” “no a cover of Dylan -‘takes a lot to laugh a train to cry” and he writes it down: of course. In a world of “let your freak flag fly” we soar. Whirling dervish style dancing to the cosmic beat awaiting the space followed by drums. so visual in it’s intensity, never to repeat any pattern – remember one time, back to a song, Bill and Mickey start a roll and Mickey says to Bill “the other one” and he catches right up = playing the other one. not that one, but you know the other one. Jerry on guitar, fluid music making a vision – light shows of sound – “if my words could glow”. Bobby changes the words to “Truckin'”. Jane had a sex change all a friend can say is ain’t it a long strange trip. Yes surely, we can share the women, share the wine. The wine. Driving my train. China cat/I know you rider. I hope they play “Bertha” tonight.
And The Wheel. Donna holding her long brown hair out to each side as the music stops – They sing “Bound to cover just a little more ground.” and her hair flies like Da Vinci was there to portray it. “Who are these “grateful dead” and why do they keep following me around the country?” Walk me out in the morning dew. Discovering years later Red Rocks is the first cover of Dear Mr Fantasy and we were there to witness it. Got the tape – you can hear me applaud. Sure, It must of been the roses/Skull and Roses sticker on our van letting the world in on our world = all are invited, but not everyone should drink the kool-aid. Good times roll. Let the. Music Never Stop, Passenger. Franklin’s Tower. Weather Report Suite. Sweet. “We’ll be back in a little while. We’re gonna take a break” “Knockin’ on heaven’s door” “Dark Star” Going down the road feeling bad? Not so much as on the road to unlimited devotion/another show. Meeting friends making new ones falling in love and, yes, bringing the kids to shows. a melodic slow version of Friend of the Devil – why not? Hey you get confused listen to the music play…

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