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Scholarship Entrant: Jessica from oRLANDO, FL
Essay Question: How has music changed your life? Please describe a specific example and share what music means to you.
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I honestly couldn’t imagine a life without music. It would surely be another world all together.

Music the ultimate form of expression because it is a language which speaks to everybody regardless of who you are or where you are from. And no matter how virtuous you are – you always have something new to learn. It is a craft you can always extend upon and transform in. You are forever stimulated and challenged.

Music always puts me in ‘the moment’. I am able to express myself through sounds and patterns – and I always find myself caught up in an almost meditative ritual of self discovery. The mind is cleansed as it ventures through the sounds pouring out of my mouth and off my fingertips. Music is light. Music is colour. Music is the ultimate high.
It connects us, it heals us, it makes sense of our feelings and pushes us to do what we were put here to do; to be conscious, to feel, to question… and to create.
Yes, A life without it would be a lesser world.

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