5 Ways That Music Has Changed My Life

Scholarship Entrant: Jessica from New York, NY
Essay Question: How has music changed your life? Please describe a specific example and share what music means to you.
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1. I’m better at math because of music. Math is an important part of playing an instrument, and I love music so much, that I’m now intrigued by the connection between math and music.
2. I have more friends because of music. Because everyone loves music, I always have something to talk about with people from all walks of life.
3. I can support myself and survive because of music. Music is not just a passion of mine, it’s my job. Because I can play guitar, piano, ukulele, sing and more, I can teach, sell my music and perform. I tell my students that practicing is important, because if they can play an instrument, they ‘ll always be able to eat.
4. I’ve seen the world because of music. I can literally travel anywhere and teach, write music and perform. Because of music, I’ve seen Iceland, Italy, England, Ireland, Canada and have been all across the U.S.A.
5. I met my husband through music. I wrote a song called “Classified Ad” that had the specific details of the man I was looking to marry. I connected with my husband because of that song and am married to him today.

Music has changed my life and continues to make it better every day.

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