Scholarship Entrant: Anthony from Makawao, Hawaii
Essay Question: How has music changed your life? Please describe a specific example and share what music means to you.
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When I was a teen I watched a Van Halen video and at that moment I pointed at the TV and told my parents “Thats what I am going to do!” Shortly after my father bought me a guitar and it was game time. I started a band when I was fifteen in Cleveland, Ohio called Neutral. We were good, and played a lot of shows. But my desire was strong and I wanted music as a career. So I packed my bags at age 17 and moved to California. There I was influenced my progressive rock bands like King Crimson and Yes which expanded my writing abilities. Then an unexpected turn of events happened. A free trip to the Hawaiian Islands stole my heart and the sweet music soothed my soul. I shortly relocated to Maui. There I met a new bandmate that I met one time exactly 10 years earlier in Ohio at a performance. The chemistry exploded and the world rock band Dust of Vraj was formed; an east meets west project. We were invited to tour Japan. Living at the base of Mt. Fuji writing songs and performing in Tokyo. We sold 20,000 cd’s at shows and on the streets. Working the red light districts and sleeping in internet cafe’s. It was amazing and the people became our family. Next we toured Europe with the same results. That experianced scored us a FREE residency at Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls MN for four months where we tracked our big studio record “Time I Am” This is where Nirvana tracked “In Utero” Sylvia Massy mixed the record and it became a cult classic. Now we are back at the drawing board ready to take the next leap of faith into the unknown and record our third record and tour India. All this was done as an independent DIY band. So how did music change my life? My question is where would I be without it? Music has made me family all over the world. Its not a choice but a calling to a lifestyle of adventure, exploration, growth, and expression. A spiritual quest that is challenging and refined all at the same time. It has and continues to make me who I am today. A better person well rounded person with tons of patience & tolerance thanks to Music!

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