12 thoughts on “How to Get the Vocal Range of Famous Singers

  1. You are saying that Ariana Grande uses her full voice in songs like Problem.I was sure it was just a very powerfull falsetto.And I’m surprised you didn’t mention Demi Lovato cause she’s the most powerfull head singer out there 🙂

  2. The range of the average human being is about 2 – 2.5 octaves. Some folks are blessed with 8 octaves and such. Most people can sing in a high enough range to do a good many songs decently. Find songs to suit your voice. Or transpose songs so you can sing them. Anything is possible in music. We just may not know how to do it, or be able to understand it yet.

  3. Each different voice is used for certain notes and our vocal range is divided up among said voices.
    there are 6 ways to find your vocal ranges.
    1 Understand what constitutes one’s vocal range.
    2. Clarify voice type classifications.
    3 Understand some key terms.
    4 Your Lowest Note
    5 Sing the lowest note you can, including breathing. Breathy
    6. Sing the highest note you can sing in your normal (modal) voice.

  4. Hey,
    i can go high, but I’m curious to learn the physical steps on what exactly to do to hit whistle register. Do i just sing up from vocal fry? What physical thing do i have to do?? thank you!

    1. Hi Francis, thanks for your comment. Have you checked out this article (/blog/sing-like-mariah-carey-z02) about the whistle register specifically? Let us know if that helps.

  5. Anybody can grow their vocal range yet it takes a considerable measure of practice, time, and persistence. I used to have the capacity to just sing in mid-section voice and falsetto.

  6. Thank you for your post!This tutorial is fabulous! Lots of great info including,In the music world, there are many great female singers, but only a few have risen to the level of greatness that these giants of American pop culture have. I believe in Famous Women Singer are the best singers in American history.

  7. Beyonce doesn’t use falsetto never had, she uses head voice. Ariana Grande almost exclusively uses falsetto. Nearly every singer uses belts which are mixed notes, just some people mix completely with their chest or sing from their throats which is unhealthy, a prime example of someone using mixed is Beyonce, Mariah, Whitney, Aretha, Barbra etc.

  8. I’m very surprise to read that most female sing with their chest voice. I actually always heard that the chest voice is not used very much and that most female have a hard time to use it because -for most part- of self confidence. From what I studied most woman are singing either with their mixed voice, either with their head voice. And that is actually true for me too. I discovered my chest voice very lately and am learning to use it. Anyway, that’s interesting!

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