my life and its soon to be meaning

Scholarship Entrant: aleeya from memphis, tn usa shelby
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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A few years ago I was lost. Frustrated. Scared. Unsure. Anxious. Trapped. Unfulfilled. Stuck in a dead-end job. Smothered by society’s expectations. Didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do with my life.

I cared for myself enough to change my life, but I didn’t have the slightest clue where to start. I spent my days wishing that things would change—that I could escape a life that my soul could no longer bear.

The worst part of all, I was living the life that society had always told me to live. “Find a secure job, work hard,” they would say. “Get a solid job and work your way up the ladder.”

I don’t know about you, but it turns out that for me, the “right thing to do” sucked the joy out of life.

Imagine feeling trapped in an unsatisying existence. Wasting your precious time doing things that you really don’t want to be doing. Being afraid to express your uniqueness. Having fun on the weekends then dreading the upcoming week. Maybe you don’t have to imagine it; maybe your life is just like mine was, few moments of satisfaction drowned out by a constant grind of work that doesn’t fulfill you.

Then something hit me. It was a proverbial hammer to my head. I’d heard it before, but it had never sunk in. Then, as if out of nowhere, a voice in my head spoke loudly and clearly.

“Discover who you truly are and fully give every aspect of your uniqueness to the world. This is your path to an extraordinary life.”

I followed this wisdom as if my life depended on it. And I can tell you that my life has changed for the better since I followed this guidance.

I can tell you without any doubt that the greatest piece of wisdom that I’ve discovered in my life thus far is this:

If you want to live an extraordinary life it is imperative that you know who you truly are, and to do so you must explore who you truly are.

These 6 questions changed my life forever. They will also change your life forever by allowing you to find your true self, and in doing so, discover why you’ve been born into this great world.

I’m not talking about the “self’” that others demand you to be or the self that acts a certain way to fit in and conform with what society accepts. I’m talking about the true you—the you who wants to authentically express your special and unique qualities to the world.

By answering these questions you will discover your unique passions, strengths, values, desires, and motivations, which are all yearning for your expression.

You have a unique purpose. Discovering the answers to these questions will allow you to align yourself with that purpose and bring real magic into your life.

Self-knowledge is the greatest knowledge that you will ever acquire. Why? Because your ability to fulfill your unique internal drive will determine your ability to fulfill your potential, which in turn determines the quality of your life.

I plan to be someone in the world who actually cares for others. Some one who actually wants to stand up for others in their time of need and someone who wants to change the world. Here is a list of the smartest people in history and their iqs 210 – Physicist / Engineer Kim Ung-yong has a verified IQ of 210
250-300 – William James Sidis had a predicted IQ of 250-300
235-Jennifer rose Ocasio Reverend / Phychiatrist has verified IQ of 235
195 – Bouncer Christopher Michael Langan has a verified IQ of 195
190 – Engineer Philip Emeagwali is alleged to have an IQ of 190
190 – World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov is alleged to have an IQ of 190
190 – Sir Isaac Newton
190 – Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire)
190 – Ludwig Wittgenstein
186 – Author Marilyn Vos Savant has a verified IQ of 186
180 – Actor James Woods is alleged to have an IQ of 180
180 – Leonardo da Vinci
180 – Buonarroti Michelangelo
180 – David Hume
180 – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is alleged to have an IQ of 180
180 – Politician John H. Sununu is alleged to have an IQ of 180
179 – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
176 – Emanuel Swedenborg
176 – Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz
175 – Edmund Spenser
175 – Baruch Spinoza
175 – Johannes Kepler
174 – John Stuart Mill
171 – Blaise Pascal
170 – Antoine Lavoisier
170 – Martin Luther
170 – World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer is alleged to have an IQ of 167
170 – Chess Grandmaster Robert Byrne is alleged to have an IQ of 170
170 – World Chess Champion Judith Polgar is alleged to have an IQ of 170
170 – Mathematician Andrew Wiles is alleged to have an IQ of 170
170 – George Friedrich Handel
170 – Michael Faraday
167 – Mathematician / Physicist Stephen W. Hawking is alleged to have an IQ of over 160
165 – Samuel Johnson
165 – Ludwig van Beethoven
165 – Joseph Priestley
165 – John Locke
165 – Thomas Hobbes
165 – Galileo Galilei
165 – Charlotte Bronte
165 – Johann Sebastian Bach
165 – Carl von Linne
162 – Madame De Stael
162 – Rene Descartes
160 – Robert Boyle
160 – Microsoft Founder Paul Allen is alleged to have an IQ of over 160
160 – Benjamin Franklin
160 – Albert Einstein
159 – Immanuel Kant
156 – Olof Palme
156 – Thomas Chatterton
156 – Linus Carl Pauling
156 – Sofia Kovalevskaya
155 – Jonathan Swift
155 – Miguel de Cervantes
155 – Rembrandt van Rijn
154 – Actress Sharon Stone is alleged to have an IQ of 154
153 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
153 – Charles Darwin
150 – Nicolaus Copernicus
150 – George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans)
150 – Abraham Lincoln
145 – Anna Lindh
145 – Napoleon Bonaparte
143 – George Sand (Aurore Dupin)
140 – George Washington
130 – Sir Francis Drake
130 – Ulysses S. Grant
and here is my iq 540 aleeya blockmon has a verified iq of 540 . I have the potiential to actually change the world and my fate of rather or not you will be responsible for teaching the worlds smartest young person is in your hands.besides its up to you. now i know i exceeded your registration needs {250 words } but there were allot of important things i needed you to know in that essay thank you and blessing upon your institution …. aleeya blockmon.

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